KK Research AG financial analysis – the commitment of independence

Since 1986 KK Group has been successfully focusing on Swiss listed companies. Independently and irrespective of short-term trends, we systematically select the most promising participations. To this purpose we use our own scientifically based analysis tools for continuous assessment of selected companies, their managements and their markets.

KK Group was founded jn 1986 by Günter R. Käser and Helga Kern to provide banking institutes, finance companies, institutional investors as well as family offices with independent research services for Swiss listed companies. Today KK Research Ltd. is part of the KK Group, which is fully owned by the founding partners. As one of Switzerland’s few truly independent financial analysis providers, KK Research Ltd. is not affected by any conflict of interests.

Of key importance is the more than twenty-five years of experience accumulated by the KKR team, above all the two managing partners Günter R. Käser and Helga Kern. This combines an uncompromising bottom-up approach with long-standing contacts to companies and their managements. Analysis focuses on the respective company’s capability of creating sustainable shareholder value. Unlike most other consultants, we retain a full overview of the entire Swiss stock market and the associated market and company screening. We have built up comprehensive analysis and evaluation models, as well as database and benchmark systems optimally combining financial data, practical know-how and theoretical knowledge.

The focus today is mainly on small to medium size companies in Switzerland. KK Research has discovered in the past many promising companies and has made available successful investments to its clients. Many leading banking institutes and investors have been advised in connection with transactions on the Swiss stock market, above all with respect to setting up long-term participations. We played a key role in initiating and implementing the first successful competitive takeover bid for a Swiss listed company. In the mid-nineties the KK participation company KK Trust AG for small to medium size Swiss companies went public successfully.

KK Research acts also as a consultant to various banks, investment companies and equity funds on behalf of fundamental analysis of the Swiss equity market, Swiss companies and portfolio management. Some larger Small- and Mid-Cap funds – where KK Research acts as a co-advisor – where awarded by well known fund rating agencies as the best fund in 2009 and in 2010 as the best fund over three years.